Looking for Lion Apps Compatibility Info – Here’s a Good List

// July 20th, 2011 // Tech Notes

Looking for Lion Apps Compatibility Info – Here’s a Good List: “


If you’re thinking about whether to update to OS X Lion right away or hold off, one of your big concerns may be apps compatibility. It’s hard to get a good running start with a new OS if some of your essential apps won’t work with it.

This is definitely a subject I’ve been thinking about for months now, and I’ve been following the status of all of my key apps (everything I’ve got in my MacBook Pro’s dock) to help me decide on how soon to upgrade to Lion. The apps compatibility list I’ve been using is this one. from Roaring Apps:


It has apps organized alphabetically so it’s quite quick to find any app you’re looking for. Each app’s status is indicated with icons that are quite self-explanatory, and you’re of course looking for a green check mark for apps that are critical for you. The table is frequently updated and has helped me out a great deal. Thus far I haven’t seen an equivalent sort of resource from Apple themselves.

Up until recently, I had concerns about two essential apps: OmniFocus and Parallels Desktop – but both look good to go now.

How are things looking for you in terms of Lion and apps compatibility?


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