my cheapest iPhone 4 AT&T monthly service = $57.66

// March 7th, 2011 // Cheap iPhone Monthly Service, iPhone

This was with the cheapest data plan, using Textfree for as much texting as possible (with no texting plan just paying a per text fee that came directly to my phone.

And I had to turn off all of Settings > Notifications and only manually turn on the Notifications for the apps that I was most interested in updates from: TextFree and my banking app.

This was nice to finally get a bill that was this cheap but I also had at least 10+ dropped calls at my place of work (the signal is very weak there) so I am still considering switching to Verizon, just trying to decide whether to do it now, or switch when a possible iPhone 5 is released in June (but the big question is, if there is an iPhone 5 released in June will it immediately be available on AT&T AND Verizon simultaneously?

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