How to Make Animated GIFs of Your Own Face

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How to Make Animated GIFs of Your Own Face: “

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Liana making cat face in animated gifWe’re living in the era of the GIF. When any brief snippet of video can be turned into an endlessly looping animation that becomes a facsimile of thoughts and emotions in online forums.

This year has already given us a treasure trove of new GIFs. On Funny Or Die, James Van Der Beek updated his infamous ‘Dawson Crying’ GIF with a series of new animations called ‘Van Der Memes.’ And the web circulated GIFS of shirtless U.S. soccer star Benny Feilhaber, snatched from a YouTube video titled ‘Benny Feilhaber Mimes ‘No Air.’

But we know how frustrating it can be browse the web without the perfect GIF in your arsenal. We’ve created a couple of GIFs of our own, and want to arm you with the ability to do the same. Here are the steps we took.

How to Make Animated GIFs of Yourself

1. Record video (we used iMovie)
2. Edit the clip until you have 2-5 good seconds
3. Export .mov files
4. Upload your files to Gifninja
5. Attack the internet!

Liana’s GIFs


1. Eye Roll 2. Safe for Work


3. OMG 4. ZOMG

5. Heart 6. Heart Attack

7. Whip My Hair 8. CATS!

Nick’s GIFs

1. But Why? 2. Look of Disapproval

3. Dreamworks Face 4. Happy Hands

5. LOL Face 6. OMG What?

7. Trollface 8. You Da Man!

Christine’s GIFs

1. I’m Confused 2. High Five!


3. Nope. 4. Nose Pick

5. Raise the Roof 6. Say It Into My Good Ear

7. I Sharted 8. You’ve Grown So Much!


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