My Cheapest iPhone monthly AT&T service bill = $63.97 (total)

// November 29th, 2010 // Cheap iPhone Monthly Service

The least expensive bill for AT&T service for my iPhone 4 (since the first part of July when I got it) is $63.97  (this is for one individual there may be a cheaper way of doing it with a family plan)

To get this price I had to:

* pay for only 450 minutes of daytime calling, 5000 nights/weekends and unlimited mobile to mobile.  $39.99/month

* pay for only 200 MB of data (which basically means you RARELY use your 3G internet connection on your phone and ALWAYS update your APPS over WIFI and try to do as much surfing as possible over WIFI).   $15/month

* pay a per message charge for texting (for those of your friends/family that don’t know you use an additional free texting phone number):

regular text message= 20 cents

picture text message= 30 cents

This cost INCLUDES all the taxes and charges that are added on (Utah)

***Hopefully AT&T will get better service (I have had 4+ dropped calls standing outside in a parking lot near a fairly major city) and/or more options (a mid range data plan, now they have 200 MB or 2GB and nothing else) if/when Apple decides to use other carriers (hopefully January, 2011)

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