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// September 27th, 2010 // Cheap iPhone Monthly Service

I have tried two free iPhone texting/text message apps:

TextNow – seemed to have more of a delay in sending the texts, and at least once they sent a garbled text, doesn’t let you have your own texting phone number (at least it didn’t when I tried it a few months ago (July 2010).


and Textfree – sometimes their servers are overrun and you have to resend the text (it is saved) in a few minutes, no garbled texts, texts sent quickly, one ad right below where you click to start entering a text (which is probably the worst spot for it). These are my only complaints it is a great texting program. My online banking app refused to use my Textfree number to send account alerts to (it must have recognized that it was a text-only phone number?).


I am using Textfree ONLY now (the least expensive texting plan with AT&T is $5/month for 200 texts) and just paying per message fees until I get my friends to text me on my Textfree phone number. So to equal the cost of the cheapest AT&T texting plan you could receive at least 24 plain texts/$4.80 and still save money.

AT&T per message fees for the iPhone (09/27/2010)

regular text message= 20 cents

picture text message= 30 cents

Your mileage (cost) may vary.

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